Peter Burroughs

Peter Burroughs - Director

A bit more to us...

Willow Personal Management was set up in 1995 by Peter Burroughs and Warwick Davis, together they have over 70 years experience in the film, television and entertainment industries.

Peter and Warwick found that short actors were not being properly represented in the industry, treated like a commodity rather than the individual actors they are.  Willow set out to address this issue.  Since 1995 Willow Personal Management has grown to become the largest agency for short actors in the world.  Exclusively representing actors under five feet tall, Willow have provided actors for some of the worlds most successful movies and best loved television programmes.  Providing 60 short actors for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, a recent highlight.

Having successfully represented well over 100 short actors for many years, Willow started to receive requests for representation from very tall actors.  Like short actors, tall actors did not have a specialist casting agent that could properly cater for there needs.  To address this Peter and Warwick created a new division, Willow Tall to represent actors in the region of seven foot and taller.

Willow continues to excel in finding the best actor for a particular role, not just someone who is ‘the right size for the job’.

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis, Director